Monday, April 5, 2010

What Easter means to us...(part 1)

caution: Contains lots of pictures!

This Easter has come and gone.

I couldn't help but think about what Easter means to me know. I'll explain.

Last year for Easter, Jordan and I took the kids to one of our favorite places to go and get away from things. It's not far from our house, just about a 45 minute drive, but it's quiet, clean, beautiful, and relaxing. My kids love the carousel and the pool and the resort was having an Easter special. Plus we had a free night stay so it was really a good deal. With it being Easter, they had all kinds of activities for the kids too: miniture golf, life size chess boards, an Easter egg hunt with fun prizes, and the carousel rides were free. I couldn't resist since I was 36 weeks pregnant, couldn't move, couldn't sleep, couldn't be far from home, and just couldn't relax at home.

Little did I know that this was going to mean the world to me a mere 4 days later.

We enjoyed our time at the resort. The kids had fun, Jordan had fun, and so I had fun. We did the hunt, we ate, played, and swam to our hearts content. Saturday night the Easter bunny even payed us a visit. We came home and did the normal Easter thing by visiting the parents and eating at my Aunt's house.

I never blogged about it because I just got busy doing normal everyday things and thought that I would get around to it in a couple of days. I couldn't have been more wrong...

That Thursday is when I had my weekly check-up at the doctors. That Thursday is where my life changed forever. That Thursday is when I learned that the son we had been preparing for would not be coming home with me.

And I guess with all of that, last Easter never got written about.

So this Easter, although it was a very good one, it still makes me ache just a little from the memory that 1 Easter ago is the last time that my family was whole.

Since last Easter was kind of passed over and forgotten, I thought that I'd share the pictures from last years' Easter. Then tomorrow I will write about this Easter.

Dying Easter Eggs

(showing off the dyed eggs and the painted faces*)
*See...Traeden did like the Utes less then a year ago
Easter Bunny and face painting again!*
*proof that Trae also liked the Jazz less then a year ago!

The Carousel

The Easter Egg Hunt

The Hunt results!

the mess the Easter Bunny left!


Ann Marie said...

I have always wanted to go up to this place you speak of.. I hear great things about it!

Too funny that Trae doesn't like the Jazz or the U now. Too funny how much changes in a year.

Such a sad time last year.. it's even hard for me.. so I can't imagine what you are/have been going through!

I felt much comfort listening to the talks yesterday... and saturday. The plan of salvation is very real.. and you will see Troy again!! You will!!

Mom of twins ♥ said...

I have been thinking about you guys alot coming up on this month. I can't even imagine what you have gone through the last year, but your examples of being strong have been great for a lot of us. I know that you will see Troy again as well and what a wonderful day that will be. Hugs to you guys!! Thanks for sharing the cute pictures as well.

Heather said...

My heart breaks for you for this anniversary! I am so grateful for the resurrection and that we can live with our family forever. You will see your little boy again and your family will be whole again.

Love the pictures, very cute! I can't believe how many eggs there were!


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